Interesting New Year customs from different countries


Wishing you a happy holiday season this coming Christmas and New Year.

Different countries are with different New Year customs.

Next, I will introduce you to some interesting traditional New Year customs.


1. Eat 12 grapes:

12 grapes must be eaten in the last minute before midnight. In this minute, the bell will ring 12 times. Each time the bell rings, one grape must be eaten, and each grape eaten must make a wish.

If you can eat 12 grapes according to the rhythm of the bell, it symbolizes peace and happiness in every month of the new year.

2.Light candles:

Spanish people like to light candles during the New Year. They believe that lighting candles of different colors can bring different aspects of luck.



British people like to decorate their houses and streets in a beautiful and festive atmosphere before the New Year. Many people place decorations at their doorsteps, such as lights, ribbons, Santa Claus, etc. Some families also set up Christmas trees and decorate candlesticks at home to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

2.Holiday Food

In the UK, traditional New Year foods include Christmas pudding, fruitcake, roast turkey and winter fruit wine. In addition, there are some other traditional foods and activities during the New Year, such as eating tropical dried fruits, participating in Tibetan mastiff competitions, and trying winter rowing on the lake.


1.Slide into the new year

On New Year's Eve, Germans use the blessing "Guten Rutsch", which means "smoothly sliding into the new year."

2.Luck is given to you

The four lucky things in Germany are: lucky mushroom (Glückspilze), ladybug, four-leaf clover (lucky clover) and piglet.

3.Fill it up for me

"Bowle" refers to the alcoholic drink punch with juice, which is an essential element of many German New Year's Eve parties.

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