Difference Among Alcantara 、Synthetic Suede 、Athsuede


There are many materials in MEWANT store, and three of them are very similar.

The three materials are AlcantaraSuedeAthsude.

These three materials look similar, but the price and touching are very different.

Please check the following information for reference.



Price :  $ 125.99

Available color : Black , Dark gray , Red , Blue , Dark Green.

Alcantara is a common synthetic textile material,it is originally import from Italy.

It has a soft, suede-like microfiber pile and is noted for its durability.

Alcantara is commonly seen in automotive applications, as a substitute for leather and vinyl in vehicle interior trim.

------------------------------------------Synthetic Suede-------------------------------------------

Price :  $ 65.99

Available color : Black , Red , Blue

Synthetic suede is a man-made fabric.

It is designed to mimic the look of regular suede, it is much less expensive than suede and it is also easier to clean and maintain.

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Price :  $ 89.99

Athsuede is a type of synthetic material with soft texture,it is exclusively developed by the MEWANT brand.

It is furry ,breathable, odorless ,sweat-absorbent , and non-slip touching.

It is also with strong cold/heat resistance. 

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