Mewant brand was established in 2017.The founder Steven is a young man who is strongly interested in car modification.

    Before Mewant was established,he has been trying to transfer the strong interest in car into a career in 2013.He investigated car cushions,car pillows,car handles,car armrest boxes, and car pendants successively.

    In 2013-2016,Steven started to launch stores on Ali express for car accessories.After continuous exploration and analysis,he found that steering wheel cover is more and more popular among customers.Then he decided to focus on how to produce more professional and good quality steering wheel covers.

     So he set up his own company, finding factories and partners to develop his business. However as sales increased, issues regarding products and customer services also occurred, which had bad impacts on customers and also troubled him. From then on, learning from those mistakes, he aimed to establish his own R&D team. Adhering to the principle of "independent research and development, independent production, and strict quality control", he applied for the registration of his own brand trademark MEWANT in October 2017.

     Since 2017, Steven has led the team to have a deep understanding of car steering wheels and made suitable versions for different steering wheels. At the same time, our team also has been constantly researching various leather materials, suede materials and popular modification elements on the market. Through our team's own active research and friendly interaction with customers, MEWANT has always adhered to quality and pursued excellence.

     Over the past 5 years, MEWANT has continued to grow and has successfully occupied the major markets of Russia, the United States, and Germany. With the in-depth development of the brand, MEWANT brand products are available throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. More and more customers take the initiative to find us to buy products, and seek for cooperation.

    Our products have covered more than 90% of car models on the market.  The PU leather,genuine leather ,suede,carbon fiber,Athsuede and Alcantara materials have been continuously pushed into the market which satisfied the demands of different customers.

    We not only focus on product quality, but also on strengthening customer service. We have successively set up local warehouses in the United States, Germany, Russia and Spain to improve transportation efficiency as well as customer experience.

    The five-year is just an initial phase for MEWANT. We will always adhere to the original development intention ,strive to build a good brand image and enhance customer experience. We are willing to grow together with our customers and gain their recognition and support!

     Although our company already has a specialized team and a wealth of experience, we are still pursuing the highest quality, and promises customers more perfect products. To achieve the customer's personalized customization, we provide different materials with colors. It’s true that we care more about the feeling of customers than the sales. In other words, Mewant strives to satisfy every customer, and really become the hearts of each customer’s "Me want".


   Company address :UNIT# 2052 275 NEW NORTH ROAD LONDON UNITED KINGDOM N1 7AA

   These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.


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