How To Customize A Steering Wheel Cover


Mewant steering wheel cover can be customized on customers requests.

But how to get a custom steering wheel cover?

Please follow the steps below.


1.Find your car brand.

2.Find your steering wheel,and click the link.

3.We have 4 customized versions.

Customized None Alcantara / Cusomized leather*Suede*Carbon Fiber

It means the material you can choose is genuine leather,synthetic suede,carbon fiber.

Customize Alcantara

It means the material you can choose is Alcantara,genuine leather.

Athsuede Customize

It means the material you can choose is Athsuede,genuine leather,carbon fiber.

Customize PU Leather

It means the material you can choose is artificial leather.

Choose the material customization options you want,if there wasn't the material customization option you want,please contact with us.


4.What does option "A , B , C , D , E" stand for?

Option A: Marker's color and material.

If you do not want marker,just choose the first option:No Top Strip

Option B+D:Top side and Bottom side color and material.

Option C:Left side and Right side color and material.

Option E:Thread color


How to customize a embroidery pattern on a steering wheel cover?

FYI:embroidery pattern need pay extra $4.

1.option A,you need choose No Top Strip.

2.Customize Embroidery pattern —— Yes


3.For embroidery numbers or words,you can fill in this input box.


If you want to customize embroidery patterns,you can upload the image.


4.Choose embroidery pattern position on your steering wheel cover.


5.Choose the font style.(embroidery patterns are not available with this option)


6.Choose the embroidery color.


This is the complete process of customizing the steering wheel cover.

Have you learned it?

If this process is too complicated for you, you can contact customer service directly.


Your steering wheel fashion is in charge of Mewant!

Thank you for your attention, Mewant team wishes you a good day!

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